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15 Aug


Annoying Orange is Turning Green

August 15, 2012 | By |

The “Annoying Orange” hit animated series several shows into its first season on the Cartoon Network is achieving a very respectable rating of 7.4 making it the number one show in its time period among kids 6-11 and 9-14, plus all boys.

A combination of live-action RED Camera footage, graphics, and animation, the scenes are being edited, composited and color corrected at Kappa Studios in Burbank. Voice talent recording and mixing is also taking place at Kappa. Leading the Kappa digital compositing team is Patrick “FX” Murphy (Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans, Avatar, Superman Returns).

Creator Dane Boedigheimer said about the success of the show, “A lot of it is that Orange is a fun-loving character. All of his adventures and random things that happen to him come out of that he’s bored and wants to have fun,” Boedigheimer says. “Some people mistake Orange for a bully. That’s not Orange at all.”

An online hit has a built-in fan base that can communicate easily with the creator, says Gary Binkow, a partner at 14th Hour Productions, which produces the series. “We recognized early on that Dane had an amazingly high engagement level with his audience. He was crafting stories based on their responses, and I thought that was remarkable,” he says.

Dane Boedigheimer is the voice of Orange as well as several other characters. Joining him are seasoned talents Felicia Day (Clash of the Titans), Harland Williams (Dumb and Dumber), Phil LaMarr (Family Guy), and cameo appearances by William Shatner, James Caan and others.

Kappa president Paul Long says, “We’ve had a long term strategic partnership with Adobe Systems and with their collaboration we have built a unique workflow for Annoying Orange based on Adobe’s Creative Suite 6. It was the first use of the then unreleased software in a real life situation. We are doing something that has never been attempted before, and it has given us the opportunity to stretch out and use our experience with RED cameras combined with our full range of post capabilities on one project.

KAPPA STUDIOS is a full-service post-production facility featuring complete picture and sound packages for television and digital cinema, visual effects, animation services, a Dolby-certified dubbing stage, digital file management, closed caption transcription and encoding, and a CGI graphics department. KAPPA STUDIOS is also host and co-founder of RED User Group LA and RED Boot Camp.