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10 Oct


CW Hit Oh Sit Keeps ‘em Running!

October 10, 2012 | By |


Kappa posts OH SIT! for the CW. This outrageous, anything goes game show features people who are in shape and out of their minds, with the rules “no pushing and no running” thrown out the window.

In “Oh Sit!” pushing and running are more or less mandatory, as a group of grown-up contestants accumulates cash values while navigating a demanding and elaborate obstacle course. This is very possibly the most complex game show ever produced. A multitude of cameras in various formats strategically placed provide amazing coverage of the action. David Parkinson, post supervisor on the show for The Gurin Company, told Kappa they were in for a wild ride, with a very tight due date. Kappa Studios provided VFX/Compositing, color correction audio recording, extensive sound effects design and audio mixing.

Hosted by actor/comedian Jamie Kennedy (“The Ghost Whisperer”) and actress/television host Jessi Cruickshank (“MTV Live”), OH SIT! is a fun, high-stakes, high-octane musical chairs competition, in which 12 thrill-seeking daredevils race head to head through five physically demanding, obstacle course-style eliminations as they each compete to claim a chair, to the sounds of a live band.

At the end of the hour, only one contestant will be left sitting triumphant to seize the cash prize. Adding to the fun, Tanika Ray (“Extra”) is in the trenches with the contestants both on and off the track and adds color commentary from the sidelines as the action unfolds. OH SIT! is created and executive produced by Phil Gurin “The Singing Bee,” “Shark Tank,” “The Weakest Link”), Richard Joel and Deena Dill. The series is from The Gurin Company and 405 Productions in association with Warner Horizon Television.