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11 Jun


Things Are Turning Annoyingly Orange at Kappa Studios

June 11, 2012 | By |


Kappa Studios in Burbank is currently tackling all the visual effects, compositing, off-line, on-line and audio for “The Annoying Orange” animated series for the Cartoon Network. The show is a television adaptation of the amazingly popular web series of the same name with over one billion hits at last count. Created by Dane Boedigheimer in 2009 the show will debut on The Cartoon Network June 11th.

Produced by 14th Hour Productions this very offbeat and edgy animation comedy series features Orange who is the lead protagonist, or antagonist, as he literally annoys other characters (typically other fruit or vegetables) until their death. Orange has appeared in every episode since the web series began on October 9, 2009. He has yellow teeth, gray eyes, and a braying laugh. His standard reply, uttered after being taken to task for being so annoying, is: “No, I’m not. I’m an orange.”

A combination of live-action RED Camera footage, graphics, and animation, the scenes are being edited, composited and color corrected at Kappa. Voice talent recording and mixing is also taking place at Kappa.

Dane Boedigheimer is the voice of Orange as well as several other characters. Joining him are seasoned talents Felicia Day (Clash of the Titans), Harland Williams (Dumb and Dumber), Phil LaMarr (Family Guy), and cameo appearances by William Shatner, James Caan and others. Leading the Kappa digital compositing team is Patrick Murphy (Harry Potter, Clash of the Titans, Avatar, Superman Returns).

Kappa president Paul Long says, “The great thing about working on a complicated and multi-dimensional show like this is that it gives us an opportunity to stretch out and use all of our capabilities on one project. And as we are starting with 4K images, the composites are as clean as on the biggest block buster feature film. We have always worked on visual effects and animation at Kappa, and this experience has been invaluable in helping us build the complex post pipeline for this unique show.”

KAPPA STUDIOS is a full-service post-production facility featuring complete picture and sound packages for television and digital cinema, visual effects, animation services, a Dolby-certified dubbing stage, digital file management, closed caption transcription and encoding, and a CGI graphics department. KAPPA STUDIOS is also host and co-founder of RED User Group LA and RED Boot Camp. A complete description is available at